About GRAM-er Alo

With fossil fuels running out a permanent solution needs to take place. We at GRAM-er Alo is providing renewable energy based solution and services in order to help and facilitate the people.   This has now opened doors for new possibilities to take place and our main vision is to assist and join other forces in the race to keep all communities environmentally friendly in order for us to have a brighter tomorrow.

We, at GRAM-er Alo are not only providing solution and services in relation to renewable energy but are also promoting renewable energy globally. We are implementing as well as supplying renewable energy solution and services of which majority are based on solar power. We offer the full solution from manufactured custom modules to prepackaged units to site installed. We meet all expectations, while including state of the art value added technology. Our top of the range systems and services offer reliable cost efficient solutions with long lasting durable renewable energy solution.

We understand that not all solutions are taken ‘off the shelf’ and that is why we are willing to offer custom solutions and systems for those requiring it. We can help by building and designing renewable energy solutions as well as implementing the right solution, perfectly tailored and flexible to adapt to your personal home or business site on a long term basis.