GRAM-er Manush

Investing in people is one of GRAM’s main beliefs. In the contemporary approach people are perceived to be more important than machinery or any other factor and this is why Gram feels that with the right HR policies and strategies any business can flourish develop as well as become successful within a set time.

Choose us as right partner

"The current economic climate is forcing organizations to explore tactics to remain competitive. Business process outsourcing of certain functions is an increasingly popular way to improve basic services while allowing HR professionals time to play a more strategic role in their organizations."

If you are looking for ways to potentially cut costs and unburden your shrinking Human Resources staff members you can always trust us. We can take burden of all your non core functions and be the right partner to assist you to concentrate in your core activities.

Bangladesh is a country of 150 millions of human resources. We can help you to find reliable and trust worthy   work forces with very competitive cost,   starting from skilled labor, technicians, executives, call center agent, physicians, engineers to top executives.   The resources can be engaged either directly in your strength or through us keeping them in our payroll.

Recruitment & Selection

GRAM not only monitors the changes in the market but also the talent which lay deep within it. Talents such as these are not easily discovered but by applying our executive searches we are able to find the most suitable as well the most talented candidate for your organization. From job descriptions to contract signing, we offer the total recruitment and selection package.

Corporate Configuration / Consultancy

Without a  doubt the right solution for problematic  or crisis situations lies with GRAM consultancy, our dynamic team of advisors are aware of the ever changing working environment which surrounds us and they are willing to solve all the problems that may arise within any business.


Below is a complete list of our services

•           Manpower Planning
•           Organization Forecast and Succession Plan
•           Performance Appraisal
•           Competency Analysis
•           Remuneration Plan
•           Executive Salary and Benefits Survey
•           Employee Rules Manual
•           Executive Selection and Recruitment
•           Management Potential Assessment
•           Employee Opinion Surveys
•           Employee Outplacement
•           Labour Relations and Strategies
•           Redundancy Packages
•           Customized In-house Training Programmers